Adoption Agreement

We agree to pay an adoption fee of _________ (listed on the animal's page). We agree to provide a safe home for _____________ (name of the dog) and treat him/her as a family member. We acknowledge that dogs require annual veterinary visits, vaccinations, dental care and additional medical attention when ill and agree to provide these. We agree to keep this dog on a monthly heartworm preventative as well as a flea and tick preventative and to put a tag on the dog identifying this dog’s name, along with our address and phone number.

We have been informed if our dog is rescued from an animal shelter and as a result, no information is available on his/her previous health history other than the results on current records. We recognize that Real Good Dog Rescue or Lisa Trenthem will not be responsible for subsequent vet bills.

We have assessed this dog’s temperament and behavior in our home and find the dog acceptable to our lifestyle. We do not hold liable Real Good Dog Rescue or Lisa Trenthem responsible for problems resulting from the dog’s behavior.

Should there be problems within seven days of signing this Adoption Agreement the dog will be returned to Real Good Dog Rescue with a full refund. If at any time we are no longer able to care for this dog, we will contact Real Good Dog Rescue to discuss re-homing options.

We acknowledge that this adoption is not considered final until completion of an in home visit. We further accept that, if at any time in the future, Real Good Dog Rescue finds we are not providing the care our dog needs as set forth in this agreement or that the information we provided in the adoption application is incorrect, they have the right to void the adoption and reclaim the dog. I/WE are adopting this dog as my/our personal pet and agree that the dog is not being adopted for any other person not listed on this application.